Cosmic Star Ribbon

10 x 1 10 In Stock
Product Code: 63-00584
Colour: Green
Inner Barcode: 5024242147984
Outer Barcode: 5024242147717
10 x 1 8 In Stock
Product Code: 63-00582
Colour: Red
Inner Barcode: 5024242147960
Outer Barcode: 5024242147694
10 x 1 18 In Stock
Product Code: 63-00585
Colour: Ivory
Inner Barcode: 5024242147991
Outer Barcode: 5024242147724
Light Gold
10 x 1 15 In Stock
Product Code: 63-00586
Colour: Light Gold
Inner Barcode: 5024242148004
Outer Barcode: 5024242147731
10 x 1 19 In Stock
Product Code: 63-00583
Colour: Burgundy
Inner Barcode: 5024242147977
Outer Barcode: 5024242147700
10 x 1 12 In Stock
Product Code: 63-00587
Colour: Grey/Silver
Inner Barcode: 5024242148011
Outer Barcode: 5024242147748
  • Pretty ribbon
  • Choice of colours 
  • Glitter star pattern
  • 38mm wide
  • 10m roll

Typical Uses

This pretty Cosmic Star Ribbon will add a bit of sparkle to your customer's designs this season. Ribbon is so versatile and can be used to decorate hampers, bouquets, hat boxes, wreaths and arrangements!

Spirited Times Trend: Products that feature in this trend have a fun, cheerful feel, with rich vivid shades mixed with softer tones.


This item is designed to be reused again and again. If disposal is required, e.g. due to breakage, then please do so in General Waste.


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