OASIS® NAYLORBASE® Ideal Floral Foam Ring

31cm (12")
6 x 2 842 In Stock
Product Code: 8101
Colour: Green
Size: 31cm (12")
Inner Barcode: 5024242800049
Outer Barcode: 5024242800030
41cm (16")
3 x 2 735 In Stock
Product Code: 8103
Colour: Green
Size: 41cm (16")
Inner Barcode: 5024242800087
Outer Barcode: 5024242800070
25cm (10")
6 x 2 1396 In Stock
Product Code: 8100
Colour: Green
Size: 25cm (10")
Inner Barcode: 5024242800025
Outer Barcode: 5024242800020
36cm (14")
6 x 2 230 In Stock
Product Code: 8102
Colour: Green
Size: 36cm (14")
Inner Barcode: 5024242800063
Outer Barcode: 5024242800060
  • NEW stylish Matt Black Base
  • 100% Recycled and Recyclable plastic
  • Tried and tested by florists
  • Super strong injection moulded base.
  • Applied anti-slip feet prevent movement and damage.
  • Plastic lip provides support for foliage.
  • 4.5cm depth of OASIS® Ideal Floral Foam Maxlife.

Typical Uses

If your customer is looking for extra support for their floral designs, then our OASIS® NAYLORBASE® Floral Bases are the perfect solution. NAYLORBASE® is a super strong and sturdy injection-moulded plastic base that gives foam shapes extra rigidity. These bases also provide a reservoir to help foam retain water for longer.

Perfect for Christmas decorations, door and table wreaths, table decorations, gift arrangements and funeral tributes.


Remove and dispose of used OASIS® Floral Foam in general waste. The new matt black NAYLORBASE® is recyclable, so can be disposed of with recycled waste.