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Vernon Lewis (V.L.) Smithers, born in 1890, was the owner and operator of V.L. Smithers Laboratories, an independent testing laboratory for the tyre and battery industries in Akron, Ohio. With a strong desire to make something and sell it, Smithers’ exposure to foam products occurred in the early 1950’s when his laboratory was doing work for the Union Carbide Company and no one was able to find a suitable use for the light-weight, crushable foam being produced. Seeing this challenge as an opportunity, Smithers purchased the equipment determined to find a use for the large blocks of foam it produced. 

OASIS® floral foam emerged as a base for floral arrangements through coincidence and he established the first production facility in Kent, Ohio in 1953. 

He spent a total of 20 years dedicated to the advancement of the floral industry. Although the products sold by Smithers-Oasis have changed considerably since the 1950’s, V.L. Smithers has bequeathed a legacy of undaunted spirit and integrity to both his own company and to the entire floral industry.

OASIS® Floral Products UK

OASIS® Floral Products is the UK division of Smithers-Oasis; we are a leading manufacturer and marketer of floral foam, floral foam accessories and other sundry products.

Initially starting as an export market, the UK developed rapidly in the late 70’s and a manufacturing facility was established in the North East.

Further development of the business occurred when Smithers-Oasis acquired James Naylor Limited, who produced the well-known brand names of NAYLORBASE® and FOAM FRAMES®. 

Our non-foam sundry portfolio was introduced in 2001; these products are sourced from all over the world and they remain some of our most popular product lines.

A purpose built 4000 sq mt warehouse was built adjoining our current warehouse and office facilities in 2007; today this site encompasses office space, manufacturing and warehousing. 

Smithers-Oasis UK Ltd today serves approximately 450 wholesale customers throughout the UK, Ireland, Israel, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Gibraltar and Cyprus. We are unparalleled in our support to the floral industry through our close links with colleges, trade organisations, wholesalers, florists, flower arrangers, students and hobbyists. 

Our goal is to make a positive impact on our employees, customers and communities and to lead through innovation and example.


Floralife®  is a revolutionary range of solutions that allow fresh cut flowers to stay fully hydrated and fed throughout their life span.

For more than 50 years, Floralife, Inc. has provided a complete line of postharvest care products for the floral industry. In 1938, they introduced the first Floralife® Flower Food, and since then have been the first to bring to the market water specific fresh flower foods, and to develop a “Crystal Clear” fresh flower food.                  

The acquisition of Floralife® in 2007 by Smithers-Oasis, meant the merging of research and development teams, enabling Smithers-Oasis and Floralife® to share their expertise in both foam chemistry and flower care and handling. It enabled the breakthrough of a new, superior OASIS® Floral Foam, which is improved by Floralife® Technology aiding arrangements in staying fresher for a longer period of time.

Our products provide an ultimate enjoyment experience for the end consumer with solutions for pre-treatment, hydration, transport & storage, and final food solutions for nourishment & conditioning.

Visit the Floralife® website: www.floralife.com 


We are very proud to share with you that Smithers Oasis UK / OASIS® Floral Products are now certified to ISO9001:2015, Quality Management System by SGS.

What does this mean?

Being ISO9001 certified shows that we are committed to the continuous improvement of our procedures, our systems, our products and our services.

Our passionate and experienced team have been working hard behind the scenes to deliver better performance in all areas, from the sourcing and manufacturing of products, right through to how we work with our customers to resolve any issues.

Ultimately, it means we are giving YOU the best possible service.

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